I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years because I just love what yoga brings me as a whole. My first experience of yoga was because I was advised to practice to help a knee injury. The practice became part of my life, going to as many classes as I could, with as many different teachers as I could. Once I had experienced yoga through pregnancy I realized I wanted to share its benefits with others so I decided to train as a yoga teacher and qualified with a yoga teacher training diploma for beginners yoga in 2005, with the Victor Foundation. I ran classes all the way through my training as a student teacher, so in all I have been teaching weekly yoga classes since 2002.

Since starting my family, I have used any spare time to update and expand my training and experience in practicing yoga. I have also completed the following courses.
Relaxation Therapy diploma
Reiki healing level 2 course Indian Head Massage
Infant Massage Instructor course
Relaxkids teacher training
Calm for Kids Teenagers yoga course
Rainbow Kids and family yoga teacher training.
I was also lucky to have the opportunity to observe regular weekly classes with a  teacher for many months in Active Yoga Birth
My previous training and experiences with teaching and life has brought me to a place where I offer classes that share both yoga and relaxation therefore my classes aim to bring a balance of body and mind. With the gentle use of breathing techniques, a gentle yet encouraging opportunity to deeply or gently stretch the whole body and a nurturing environment for really letting go into relaxation.
I am in the process of recording my second relaxation CD to give students the opportunity to relax deeply in the comfort of there own home.
Godinton House and Gardens is a real treasure to me and all the students that come and enjoy our classes at Ashford Yoga Club
I aim to nurture our differences.....
and when we are all living from within the essence of yoga.....
I acknowledge we are all one.....
Jacqui Xavier-Rhoades

Testimonials from some of my yoga students.........

"I always look forward to Jacqui's yoga classes. Every week is different often with a specific focus or theme and Jacqui always ensures everyone in the class works to their own ability providing a collaborative non competitive environment. Jacqui always allows plenty of time for relaxation and this is an essential part of her class. I always leave the class more relaxed, focused, energized and pleased to be alive!"
Theresa Samworth

"I had been told that when the time was right my yoga teacher would find me, and from the first class I felt that this was true. Jacqui introduced me to yoga and relaxation at the right pace for me, encouraging confidence in my ability to attain greater strength and ability as time goes on. Jacqui's yoga classes inspire me and enable me to get the best from my body, helping me remain supple and mobile. The pace is always right for those attending, and teaching often focuses on particular areas of need for individual students.  During warmer months classes are sometimes held in the beautiful Godinton gardens and times like these especially instill a great sense of inner peace and contentment during yoga practice." 
Dyan R (Kent).

I have been doing yoga with Jacqui for many years now.  It not only keeps me supple, but it is also very relaxing. Jacqui is particularly sensitive to class members needs ensuring the exercises are right for each individual.
 Jan S (Kent)

My thursday night yoga lesson with Jacqui is a true highlight of the week.  It's not just the yoga-although that is fantastic, it's the energy, the calmness and the strength that Jacqui infuses in us.  Truly wonderful x
Sarah x (Kent)

I have been attending yoga classes for around a year now. Jacqui is an excellent teacher, and I have found it to be so beneficial for my back and general relaxation. She has the most amazing voice that can enable you to switch off completely. You are able to join the classes with no experience and learn as you go along. I would highly recommend Ashford Yoga  Club. Claire Singleton (Kent)

I recently took part in a yoga morning workshop led by Jacqui. I very much enjoyed the workshop and found the balance between dynamic yoga and relaxation very beneficial. Even though I had not done any regular yoga classes for some time I felt my needs were accommodated amongst  more experienced students. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming with a resulting feeling of physical and mental well being. I would definitely take part again.
Helen K. (Kent)

Since attending Ashford Yoga Club I feel fitter and more flexible, and  I can highly recommend Jacqui's classes to anyone wanting to enjoy the benefits of yoga in a tranquil atmosphere. It' not just because of Jacqui's experience and professionalism, which is very apparent , but  also because Godinton House is such a very special venue and I feel privileged every time I enter this beautiful location to attend my class.
Jenny Taylor.

Yoga with the right teacher is a wonderful thing and Jacqui is exceptional. It has taken me 7 years to find her and she is extremely good,inspirational and above all kind. Jacqui makes yoga make sense, she brings it alive as it should be and she is not in anyone's face.
Kate Wallis

Jacqui's classes are the perfect antidote to a busy day.  Complete relaxation and some rather challenging stretches.  I always leave feeling completely de-stressed and bounding with energy.
Viv H (Kent)

I attend Jacqui' s yoga classes on a regular basis and they are excellent.
The classes provide an unusual mixture of total relaxation and a good, gentle stretch workout.  I do a physical job and would be unable to do such a job without doing yoga on a regular basis and hope that by doing this class it will enable me to be flexible for many years to come.  Invaluable!
Sally A (Kent)

I love Jacqui's class. I've attended Yoga classes for fifteen years and have had some great teachers for different styles of Yoga. For a long time I practiced Iyengar and enjoyed the focus on the body and getting into the right position and holding it. This increased my flexibility and strength. At the time I was not interested in meditation or breathing at all. I have also tried a few classes which were more about relaxation and didn't really enjoy them. I also attended a Sunpower Yoga class for a while which, whilst a good class, was very strenuous and a bit too much for me. (I'm healthy enough but not particularly fit)
Jacqui's class is, for me, a perfect blend of mind and body exercise which is both gentle and strengthening. I enjoy the mindfulness and focus on the breath. Her guidance leads us through a flowing, continuous experience which is both deeply relaxing and revitalizing. She is an inspired and natural teacher who leads a deeply experiential class in a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment.
Gen L  (Kent)

Thank you all for your contribution to to my testimonials page......
I would also like to thank all my students for being a special part of my journey through yoga and life......I look forward to all we have to learn together.