Our Yoga and Relaxations Classes

For 10 years I shared the ancient art of yoga postures to strengthen and condition the body and to calm and balance the mind, students learnt breathing and relaxation techniques for them to use to deal with the stress and tension in their daily lives. I taught Hatha yoga and relaxation, The physical sense of yoga and Relaxation. If students wasn't sure whether this style is for them, All new students were welcome to come and  try a class for a free.

Our yoga club has grown into a wonderful group of people who have regularly come along to enjoy the yoga and relaxation classes in our little yoga room. Godinton has given us the opportunity to use such a beautiful environment, which has such a wonderful energy and ambiance in that little room, which has been a very special privilege.

We have enjoyed beautiful Sunny evenings practicing in the gardens and enjoyed taking Shade under the large London plane tree on a hot Saturday morning. The odd full class where we have had a giggle amongst the peaceful moments when all is in there own little space. The odd 'one to one' classes on the huge sunny lawns, whilst Godinton visitors respectfully wandered past. Then there has been the chilly evenings when dedicated students have driven and one student cycled out in the blustery winds to come to our little yoga room for an evening of our yoga and relaxation, some equipped with 3 pairs of socks and some even snuggled next to the heaters and yet you drove there again and again.

Not so long ago over 60 people came along over 4 days a week. Maybe not everyone at every class every week, but there has always been a regularly number in attendance and so every week we enjoyed our weekly lessons again and again. I planned different classes every Sunday and then from Monday to Saturday taught the class through the whole week. Each class the same yet so different. Every class brought its own special energy. Some of us also enjoyed occasional Sunday workshops which always brought that deeper energy from practicing for longer, a real treat in the beautiful countryside.

I have learnt so much from all the people who have made Ashford Yoga Club. I thank you all for being a part of it. Sharing it all with me.

So now things have changed and for the time being I am no longer running any yoga and relaxation classes or workshops. Instead needing to go with the flow of life...

Although this may beable to change in the future, or maybe something else may evolve from these new life experiences, so this website will remain and I shall use this space to keep you updated.



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